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Digiplate System

The DigiPlate Lite is our most compact “cheese plate” design. With 21 holes tapped with the very common 3/8-16 thread size, the DigiPlate Lite is nearly just as expandable as our DigiPlate Pro. The DigiPlate Lite can be assembled or disassembled depending on your travel needs. All accessories are sold separately or by the kit.

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HyperJuice MBP1.5-222 - 222Wh [61,000 mAh] external battery

HyperJuice is the only external battery designed for MacBook, giving you total confidence that it will work perfectly with all MacBook Pro and MacBook Air models and provides the power needed to run even the most demanding of applications.

  • Power your MacBook and recharge the internal battery at the same time

  • Compatible with all Apple MacBook, MacBook Pro & MacBook Air models1

  • Additional 12W USB ports power 2 x USB devices (e.g. iPhone & iPad) simultaneously

  • High capacity 222-Watt-hour

  • Military grade lithium ion cells, rechargeable up to 1000 times

  • Advanced safety protection circuitry

  • Beautiful aluminum housing colour matched to complement the MacBook

  • Laser engraved logo and all-white accessories

  • USB C charger also available