I have been assisting for over six years both in the United Kingdom & abroad.

Broncolor, Profoto, Elinchrom, HMI, Kinoflo, LED

Canon, Nikon, Fuji, Phase One, Analogue 35mm & Medium Format

Capture One, Photoshop, ChronoSync, Helicon Focus

Contact  - +44 07540 325906

Digital Package 1 - Studio

  • Macbook Pro 15" 2018 - 2.9GHZ [Turbo boost to 4.3 GHZ] Intel Core i9, 32GB 2400 MHZ DDR4, Intel Iris Graphics 6300 1536MB

  • Capture One 11 &12, Photoshop CC, Chronosync, Helicon Focus

  • x2 24" NEC Multisync EA244WMi Monitor

  • x1 Lowboy with monitor Mount

  • Waccom Tablet

  • Apple Wireless Keyboard & Mouse

  • Tetherblock

  • 10 bank USB 3 hub

  • Lexar Card USB Reader

  • 4 bank Surge Protected 13A extention lead

  • Lindy Tether Cables, Tether Booster, HDMI, lightning cables, canned air, gaffer tape, Colourchecker

  • 1 month SDD Storage Back Up**

Total - £250.00 [per day] + Digital Operator Fee

Digital Package 2 - Location

  • Macbook Pro 15" 2018 - 2.9GHZ [Turbo boost to 4.3 GHZ] Intel Core i9, 32GB 2400 MHZ DDR4, Intel Iris Graphics 6300 1536MB

  • Capture One 11 & 12, Photoshop CC, Cronosync, Helicon Focus

  • Digiplate with magnetic shade

  • Manfrotto Tripod with Quick release head [For Digiplate]

  • 4 bank USB 3 hub

  • Tetherblock

  • Lexar Card USB Reader

  • 222wh HyperJuice Battery [USB C Hyperjuice Optional]

  • 4 bank Surge Protected 13A extention lead

  • Lindy Tether Cables, Tether Booster etc…

  • 1 month SSD Storage Back Up**

Total - £180.00 [per day] + Digital Operator/Assistant Fee.


  • Price does not include delivery of equipment, this would need to be discussed prior to shooting.

  • If you need individual items or extra equipment please do ask. Equipment can be ordered via third party.

  • Block orders of equipment will receive discount. Please contact me for discount rates.

  • Please insure your Tetherport on your camera works prior to shoot, to avoid constant camera drop outs.

  • 222wh HyperJuice Battery is not safe for air travel & will be switched to lower capacity HyperJuice.



Bookings can either be verbal or via written communication e.g. text message or email, between Stuart Harper and “the Third Party” (Photographer, Agent or Production Company). It should be understood if the work is provisional or confirmed. On confirmation the following should be agreed:

  • Dates, start times and daily hours

  • Venue and travel arrangements

  • Special requirements (clothing, equipment knowledge, etc.)

  • Fee and invoicing details

  • Expenses and overtime (where appropriate)

  • Weather contingency for location work

  • Possible overlaps with assistant’s other confirmed jobs

  • Contact names and numbers

If the assistant has a provisional booking with another Photographer, the Photographer will be given the option to confirm before another booking is accepted. 


The Photographer is responsible for the cost of accommodation, meals and travel within, to and from location unless otherwise agreed. Personal expenses (e.g. telephone calls) and travel within London zones 1-4 are the responsibility of the assistant. Medical and travel insurance will be discussed with the Photographer before the shoot begins. Weather-permitting bookings should be agreed with the Assistant at the time of confirmation, but postponement due to bad weather will result in the assistant being paid 50% of the fee. The Photographer or the Client may have weather insurance to cover these events. 



Rates are dependent on the type of work the Photographer has been hired for e.g. advertising or editorial productions. These will be charged at a daily rate agreed between the Assistant and the Third Party. A normal day is any period worked between 9am and 6pm. Overtime may be charged for weekends, public holidays and in addition to the standard 9 hours, at a rate previously agreed with the photographer. “Day” means working day. “The Shoot” is defined as the number of confirmed days whether the job is undertaken as a whole or in separate parts. “Expenses” include any and all costs incurred by the Assistant pursuant to the Client’s brief.


Payment should be made at the end of the shoot unless otherwise agreed at the time of booking. If immediate payment is not agreed, then credit terms of 30 days is given on receipt of invoice. All expenses incurred on behalf of the Photographer or Client will be agreed in advance and are payable immediately the shoot is completed or on receipt of invoice, where agreed with the Photographer. Fees and mileage for the use of the assistant’s car will be agreed at the time of confirmation. 


This agreement shall be governed by the laws of England & Wales and are subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English Courts.


Cancellation is only acceptable with unavoidable reason, e.g. illness, and the substitution of another assistant will be made with the Photographer’s prior knowledge and consent. The Photographer has the right to approve any replacement before commencement of the shoot. 

Where a booking is confirmed which may overlap a previously confirmed job, the Photographer will be informed immediately and given the option to book another assistant. 

Cancellation fees are only payable for confirmed bookings, although once the booking is confirmed, the Assistant will not be cancelled unless the job itself is cancelled. The Assistant should be regarded as a chargeable item and therefore covered by expenses when the “Third Party” is charging the client a cancellation fee. The Assistant reserves the right to charge a cancellation fee at the following rates together with all incurred expenses unless otherwise agreed. On shoots of 2 days or less duration with cancellation within 2 days notice: 100% of fees plus expenses. On shoots in excess of 2 days with cancellation within 2 days notice: 50% of fees plus expenses.

In the case of a postponement, where a new date is given and confirmed, fees may become payable to cover costs and inconvenience, by mutual agreement between the Third Party and the Assistant. 


The use of cloud/off site back up is purely as a last solution for if there are issues with the shoot within a month of the shoot day. Such as corrupt drives, loss of hard drive etc...


Lighting Package 1

  • x2 Broncolor Siros L 800

  • x4 Siros L batteries

  • x1 Siro L Charger

  • X1 Broncolor HSS Trigger [Canon/Fujifilm]

  • x1 Sync Cable

  • x2 Master Stands

  • x1 60x60cm Broncolor Softbox

  • x1 3ft Photek Umbrella

£120.00 [per day] + Photographic Assistant Fee.