What is Mochimono [もちもの]? Mochimono, translated into English means ‘personal belongings’. 

15,897 people died on the 11th March 2011, with 2,534 people reported as missing & thousands still displaced even today. Five years has past, yet the remnants of past lives can be found for miles. With personal possessions scattered across beaches & the flat brown wastelands of where towns once stood.

Mochimono [もちもの] is a series of photographs detailing found personal effects from areas affected five years after The Great Tōhoku Earthquake & Tsunami in 2011. All Images were taken on location in North East Japan during April 2016 - November 2017.

Please feel free to donate to the Japan Earthquake Relief Fund, money will go to aid both past & future natural disasters. 


Book will be coming soon.

If you wish to learn more about the behind the scenes of the project, please feel free to read a series of blog posts I wrote about the project.